The Little House - Lest we Forget

There's a port in North West Britain
where dwell peculiar men
who drink and fight throughout the night
then sail away again.

On all the mighty Oceans deep
where Captains rant and swear
at seamen,cool, from Liverpool
the cause of their despair.

No better men e'er trod the decks,
nor walked on stokehold plates
this exotic clan with great elan
have challenges all the fates.

Keep all your daughters locked away
and barricade your house
with any news of 'girls and booze'
will come the fabled Scouse.

800 years they've sailed the seas
this earstwhile Empire's tool
midst blood and gore, in peace and war
they stood for Liverpool.

Now god conceived this special breed
a great eternal plan
thus was born on a seventh morn
The Liverpol - Irishman.

They cried 'Britannia Rules the Waves'
sung in Parliament House
but Britain's foe had cause to know
it was really those called 'Scouse'.

By Bill Curran