Evacuation to Wales

My sister and my brother
both got sent away to Wales
to place called Pen -y -groes
according to mams tales

It was in the darkest days of war
between 39 and 44
They caught a bus in Plumpton Street
that took them all the way

A little cottage in the south of Wales
among the quarries and the dales
was to be their home to rest their feet
and wile the war away

With their labels saying who they were
Their polished shoes and well-combed hair
they gave their sad and tearfull goodbyes

It was going to be a year or two
but actually nobody knew
How long Adolph Hitler would survive

It turned out that they had to stay
for three long years near to the day
With Mrs Davis and her collie dog called Sam

They said that they enjoyed their time
Among the hills they had to climb
But they were sick to death of the meat that they ate called 'Spam' . . . . . .

Ar Cath' an' brother John
Seemed so long gone
I hardly knew them when they come back home

Ar Cath' spoke da Cymreig
an' John was pretty big
So glad they'd finished roamin' in the gloam'

By Norm Whittle