My Little Terraced Home

From little terraced houses every one a little home,
As tribute to the Mersey, a boy was born to roam.
Baptised upon its waters at the gateway to the world;
The mysteries that beckoned when Blue Peters were unfurled.

From little terraced houses in the Dingle and the Vale,
A mother's son whose heart was won by men who dared to sail:
To foreign shores and strangers ways, a pilgrimage of hope;
For men who closed familiar doors and dared to slip the rope.

From little terraced houses with their little steps so red;
Where all the roads lead to the sea, such sailormen are bred.
Their eager feet explored each street unto the waters edge,
To watch the ships that come and go, and then to make the pledge.

From little terraced houses where a boy might dream and sleep;
Beyond the cooling hearth of home the fiery pledge to keep.
A vow to search beyond the sun that sinks beyond the Bar:
To know what sailormen will know beyond the Southern star.

From little terraced houses through the nursery and the school;
Through dreams to Vindicatrix then to sign on at the Pool.
A ship to sail to seek the sun wherever men will roam -
But deep within my longing heart, my little terraced home.

By Michael Walsh