Two Sisters

We are two groovy sisters
at school in Stafford Town
but we have a wider heritage
three cities of renown.
To start with, there is Stoke on Trent
where potters used to roam
secondly, there’s Manchester
which was our Grandma's home.

Our Grandad comes from Liverpool
from a district called Broadgreen
he swears it is a fabulous place
a place fit for a Queen.
When we visit Liverpool
the journey feels like nothing,
first Adelphi for some tea and cakes
and then it's time for shopping.

Next stop we go the Albert Dock
and soak up the atmosphere,
feel the essence of the present day
and see a glimpse of yesteryear.
Our Grandad, Uncles, Boyfriends
all support the Reds
and on that night of Istanbul
they all 'went off their heads'.

By Laura and Katy young poets