For my Uncle Peter

When I was a small boy
my ever absent
seagoing uncle Peter
said to me
"never live by the seaside son
you’ll just sit there and watch the world
and your life
go by

better to live your life
on the banks of a river
like that of our Mersey
'cos it will always be your gateway to the world
and your road to follow
when you want to come home.”

Now I a man
and a sailor too!
a little part of him
stayed here with me.
so here I am sitting
on my river’s curbside
watching down the watery road
waiting for him to come home
and buy him a pint
at the end of his long trick
but knowing
that he'll never see the 'Pool again
and that I'll be drinking that pint alone
in a dockside pub
on the river Mersey
that was his gateway from
but never his road back to

By Mike Travis