Ferry Across the Mersey 1993

It was in the summer holiday of '93,
A trip on the Ferry Across the Mersey:
My wife,
My son,
My mother-in-law
And me.

The trip of a day time,
A force eight gale,
My wife,
My son,
My mother-in-law
And I.

Mother-in-law: first up the gang plank:
Clearing a nautical path
(With her elbows),
To the front end,
Near the buffet,
By the radiator.

Mother-in-law and me
Enjoying each other's company:
Saving the seats,
Passing the time,
Happily swapping
Polite insults.

Wife and son returned
From a sortie to the buffet:
Swaying and staggering;
Due to the swell of the sea
The swirl of the tea,
And the weight of the doughnuts.

I'll never forget the seamanship involved
Inside that bobbing boat,
As we poured milk in our tea with the one hand,
And held a giant doughnut with the other.

Son then climbed to the upper deck,
Enjoying the swell and the spray,
And the terror in his mother's eyes.

As we finally docked to Gerry and the Pacemakers,
Mother-in-law unashamedly broke out in song and dance
It was a good day

By Bob Harding-Jones