Outside your own front door

Oh to go back just once more
and do the things I did
In those days of yesteryearwhen i was just a kid
I'd give anything to see a bunch of sticky-lice
burst a bubble in the tar an' suck a lolly-ice
I'd play a game of jinks again or maybe kick the can
Then make a winter-warmer and get clouted by me mam
I'd chalk an hopscotch on the side I'd master top an' whip
Play ellalio with the gangI'd even learn to skip
To see the corner shop once more
and take the bottles back
Play cowies with ar kid again an wear me long blue mac'
I'd whizz with my cheese-cutter
an' I'd play hangman's knot
I'd maybe call those words again - "Comin'! Ready or not
I'd give so much to take a rideon the old New Brighton boat
an' to think of a tram an' my ol' mam
brings a lump into me throat
To tell those old-time jokes again
all about Pat an' Mick
Play marbles with the lads againor maybe off-ground tick
I'd wile away the time once more
with that ol' gang of mine
With those guys - I'd harmonize an' make jokes all the time
One O'Leary - Two O'Leary who could want for more ?
Oh! for those salad days again
Outside Your Own Front-Door

By Norm Whittle