Reflections Of Liverpool

There are not many cities who can boast,
of two great cathedrals so high.
Majestic in structure, pointing their wonder to the sky.
Two football teams, we are so proud,
Liverpool and Everton, magic! how they draw a crowd.

There are many lovely suburbs, great parks where kids can play
and the markets are a treasure, where you can spend a care free day.
Liverpool has such fine buildings, Picton Library, St. George's Hall,
the museum in William Brown Street,
the mighty Liver Birds, all part of our heritage, they will never fall.
There is the Mersey Tunnel, under the river it goes,
with a constant stream of traffic, never ending, how it flows.
This structure is a wonder, of man's technology,
and the proud sweep of Queen's Drive,
everywhere a tree.

The great Philharmonic Hall, where famous names have been,
Everyman and Empire Theatre, and the dear old Shakespeare,
with singing, and good acting, the likes you have ever seen.

But now, as I ponder my reflections, on my city, Liverpool,
such happy years I spent there, where I was born, and went to school.
Sadly, times have changed, with progress and modern ways,
a lot ot things have altered, it was better in the good old days.
If they had left, what used to be, why did they have to destroy,
the magic of the Overhead Railway, that used to bring much joy.
Gone is the ferry to New Brighton, when we used to go on trips,
where have the mighty docks gone,
great liners berthed and all those lovely ships.

Then they knocked down family houses, to build those motorways,
things are not the same now, as they were is the good old days.

Still I am proud to belong to this city,
where people are kind, and so witty.
Their humour is great and you don't have to wait
for a smile, a song, or a ditty.
No matter where I roam, I get nostalgic for my home,
Dear old Liverpool will always be,
everything so dear to me.

Written by Flo Scales in 1983

(Flo Scales born 4th March 1926 died 21 September 1992
Typed By Irene Watts Daughter of Flo Scales)

By Irene Watts