An Ode to Bessie

Twas in the 1950’s
when to our great delight
we were called to National Service
to march, salute and fight.
Our lives were full of orders,
‘Do this’ and ‘Don’t do that’,
don’t pause, don’t faint, don’t even think
and don’t forget your hat

Don’t let yourself fall out of step,
and hold your rifle tight,
be sure to polish your buttons
till there shining bright.
Don’t complain about your food
be it beef or haddock
and if you come from Liverpool
don’t write to Bessie Braddock!

You must be very serious when you are on parade
don’t laugh, don’t, smile, don’t even blink
or you never make the grade.
Don’t spook the sleeping guard dogs
rr the horses in the paddock
and if you come from Liverpool
Don’t write to Bessie Braddock!

By Dave Price