Remember the Kop?

Do you remember
the Flying Pig
fog rolling in off the Mersey
the hollow sound of a case ball thump
a silent crowd straining its ears
for shouts of celebration.

Do you remember
Crazy Horse
the clack of the turnstile Q
pushing money through
wire mesh
shoved from behind by men in mac’s
with once a week washed hair.

Do you remember
The Bionic Carrot
your first red and white scarf
soaking wet from a snowball fight
caressing the rump of a horse with your cheek
shiny leather on mounted policemen’s feet
Or Omo bright Sir Rogers No 21 Shirt.

Do you remember
Gordon Milne’s walk with Gerry Byrne
Cally’s Goal
‘go back to Italy’
sung through a sea of billowing red banners
greater even than those of the heavenly host
holding thirty thousand rolled-up wet Echo’s.

Do you remember
Liddell pool
Footballers perms
We only sing when were standing
Atlantean chariots with open tops
children crammed shoulder high
in the blistering heat of Castle street.

Do you remember a guttural Scot
with limping stride
the 96 now by his side
a million scousers who have cried
if only they could put back the clock
If so,
then you do remember the Kop and
you will never walk alone.

By Roger Cliffe-Thompson