Maxwell's Hammer

Maxwell, can I borrow your hammer?
thereís something I need to mend
it started off fine
but over time
itís driving me round the bend

Maxwell, can I borrow your hammer?
itís nothing you need to know
but the driving force
that went like a horse
is getting kinda of slow

Maxwell, can I borrow your hammer
thereís something Iíve got to fix
Iím starting the car
I wonít go far
just somewhere out in the sticks

Maxwell, Can I have your hammer?
I know itís on the shelf
no, I donít need a hand
you donít understand
Iím a woman, I can do it myself

Maxwell, I got your hammer
Would you like to go for a drive?
itíll do you good
a walk in the wood
(you just wonít come back alive)

Max, would you carry the hamper
letís find a pleasant spot
thereís no food inside
Iím sorry, I lied
sit down dear you look rather hot

Maxwell, letís just close our eyes
I feel a sudden pain
but Maxwell grins
as my head caves in
and down comes his hammer again

By Carolyn Edwards