The Country of Liverpool

We are the country of Liverpool,
from the Beatles to the Arctic crew,
we are the country everyone wants to be from.

Bill Shankly to Stevie G,
Dixie Dean to Stubbsey,
they are the team we love when they play.

The liver bird so high in the sky,
but no one knows why
we have so many big buildings,
like the Albert Dock were it began.

Its been nearly 800 years down
but are heads are still in the sky,
we are the Scousers we do not mess,
we do the job I don't know why
but everyone loves it here
I don't know why I don't know why
is it because we have two cathedrals
its not the weather because its crap,
yes it must be the people who live here
because we don't care who lives here
as long as they don' make us cry.

I am Frankie from the Childwall crew
we are the famous country of Liverpool
the best country in the world
so don't ever forget that.

By Frankie McAlle young poet