Liverpool Birthday Acrostic

Happy Birthday, Liverpool! 800 Years On!
Allerton and its Great Old Oak -- as Old?
Parliament Street and the Toxteth Riots
Picton Reading Room for the Books
Yates Wine Lodge for the Booze

Birkenhead and the ancient Monk's Ferry
Irish Guinness Boats bringing the Black Stuff
Runic Mysteries of the Calder Stones
Tuebrook House: a Yeoman's Cottage, 1615
Hayman's Green and the Casbah Club
Dingle and William Roscoe's "Nymph"
Abercrombie Square: a Georgian gem
Yosser and the Boys

Litherland Town Hall, where Beatlemania was born
Ince Blundell: origin of a Cavalier's Diary
Vyrnwy's Welsh Water providing the water we drink
Everton: the Blue Half and Dixie Dean's fame
Rupert, Prince, stormed the town in 1644
Princes Park and donkey Judy's grave
Otterspool and King John's Lower Lodge
Oglet by Liverpool John Lennon Airport
Liverpool, the Red Half, singing "You'll Never Walk Alone"

By Christopher T. George