A Liverpool Christmas Greeting, 1962

Here's a greeting from the old Pier Head in the Port of Liverpool
And may your ship come home to you, full laden on this Yule.
Perhaps you've turkey, perhaps scouse, perhaps just Xmas pud.
Please, as you eat, and sup, believe--I wish you all things good.
You can be sure this will endure, it's better far than quids.

Come as an appetizer or to scarper from the kids
Hiking round this city great. I love it with all my heart
Round Scotty Road or Limey, or even posher part
In Cabbage Hall or Knotty Ash (whur coppers walk in purs)
Soho St where Mother yells, "Johnnie get up them sturs!"
To Marshy Lane or Parky Road we'll make our sober way
Me Judy's Xmas tie we'll hid, to Brunny Dock an' sniff duh spray
And then return to fireside gay to pull a Christmas cracker
So may your day in every way be a gear one, me ould Whacker.

All the Best, Uncle Bill, Xmas 1962

Note: The above poem was written in the hand of my grandfather's brother, music hall comedian Billy Matchett (1889-1974), born in Beaufort Street, Toxteth. I have no idea whether it is original to him or not. If you look at the letters that begin every line you will see that it is an acrostic, spelling "Happy Christmas." Christopher T. George

By Billy Matchett