John Lennon's Eye

Violent night on Merseyside: a rocket
fired through a Croxteth bedroom window,
a phone box and a car gutted in Woolton.

Liverpool, Euro Capital of Culture, St. George's
wrapped like a birthday gift, John Lennon
is Mona Lisa with a red guitar, a vast poster
printed with 30 gallons of ink, but tonight
someone cut out John Lennon's eye.

His glasses bloody on Yoko's "Season of Glass";
the bark of Chapman's Charter Arms .38;
dark night on Menlove Avenue, Ocean Child hit
in a drive-by, a drunken off-duty copper: Oh, Julia!

Bloody St. George's Hall, the bloody assizes.
Release the white doves, play elegies.
Strawberry fields glisten with bloody leaves.

Ghost guitars echo in Gambier Terrace,
in Mathew Street, crushed carnations
and musical notes trampled underfoot.
Someone cut out John Lennon's eye.

By Christopher T. George