Watchin' Them

We, sofa sat and stare,
sometimes with coffee
tea also, maybe a beer.
When day is winding,
we numbed at end of day,
sittin there, wantin dumbed,
thinkin not wantin
to think of anythink,
anythink at all.

Tracy has the handset,
presses button red,
flickers, then on it is.
And the adverts are at us,
"straight to your mobile"
"brilliant white"
"German Engineering".
I so hate that I do,
I hate it.

So off goes the adverts,
it's on, it's all startin!
them celebs once more,
sittin wild with bugs,
sad in jungle, missin home,
them wantin to win,
knowin people forget them
if they don't win,
so they better win.
Then they win.

Now it's like that forever,
in our house, all times,
celebs this, celebs that,
Johnny this, Julie that!
wantin attention always,
us watchin them,
in rubbish again,
again and again,
in Liverpool.

By Clive Griffiths