Amici - Great Cities

Burning August Sundays
two European finals
twisted like fame
Kipling’s “If ” or his cakes
August Seventh 2005
August 5 2007
800 years since John
recognised the claim
the weather just the same
we left the 'Pool
and passed through Staffs
onto Buckinghamshire.
Girls with horses
scowled at us
in the raging heat
inland places
like Rome in the “80’s”
the country arid again
red and yellow flowers
after the rain .
Two years ago we danced
this Sunday at Coopers
before the train
now in ashes, the hurt,
frustration’s game
from Athens the pain
that followed Milan
but even with the loss
the City carries on,
family and lovers
are great, even the dog
“Napoleon” laughs
It'll soon be Spring
Moscow in May.

By Tony Wailey