"Ay Love what are you doin' with his bowls?"

The Scouse passion for all things footie
Is well known
The two football clubs
Liverpool Fc and
Liverpool Reserves (!)

But what is less well known
Is the Scouse passion
For crown green bowls
Just glance behind most pubs

And there it will be
A perfect 'green', tended and cared for
Guarded and primed
Like an elephant's graveyard
For auld arses

Whose knees no longer race
Down the wings
Whose ankles think twice
Before aiming a tackle
And whose lungs buckle at both thoughts

Crown green bowls
Takes the place of
Park football and linament
Is replaced by linseed

At each wake
For a fallen comrade
The bereaved will be asked
In gentle and considerate tones
"Ay love what are yer doin' with his bowls?"

By Sharon Marshall