My Playground.

When I was 4 yrs, I played in the park,
we had jam butties and water, and stayed till its dark.
When I was 5 yrs, I rode on my bike,
up an down the ramps of cathedral walks, wot am I like?
When I was 10yrs, I went to the docks,
caught jelly fish, and lost a shoe, came home in my socks.
When I was 11yrs, I bunked off school.
A ferry to Seacombe and back, It was cool.
When I was 12 yrs I went on the train,
to Southport/Newferry/West Kirby, never mind the rain!
When I was 13yrs I had my first dance,
Carlyie clubs great disco, Oh did I prance!
I celebrated all my birthdays right here with you.
and I will be there for your 800th too!

As I grow old and think back in time.
My big beautiful playground, wasn’t all mine.
She belonged to all us kids were ever we may roam.
the best playground in the world is my Liverpool home.

By Minnie