I do have a voice

I do have a voice.
I do have a voice, can you hear me?
If you can, listen to me, I do have a choice.
You ask for my opinion, you don’t listen to me.
I do have a voice.
I have opinions, I have wishes, I have dreams and ambitions.
I try to express them with my voice.
I hope one day they could all come true.
My voice isn’t clear, but be patient with me... I do have a voice.
I get so frustrated at times when I try to talk,
you don’t listen to me.
You don’t take any notice to what I say,
because my voice isn’t clear.
You pretend to understand me.
but I can tell by the look on your face
you haven’t understood a word I have said.
I do have a voice.
Please respond to me when I speak it would mean so much.
I really do have a voice!

By Maureen Windevec, Rosemary Nicholson, Paul Squires, Rose Mercer - Lime Court