Liverpool Pembroke A+CC

Pembroke has a history of seventy years and more
so this is just a snippet of those days or yore.
The date was 1950, the place was Bowring Park
when Pembroke held a road race,
thoughts of the Cutty Sark.
The race was held for boys’ clubs
and consequently gavethree local boys
the chance to shine, their names?
Ed, Jack and Dave

Surprise, surprise those three good pals
won the race that day
Eddie was the first man home, ten teams fell by the way.
The second team to finish were also very quick
and their three foremost runners were
Derek, Pete and Vic.
Pembroke took these six lads and said
‘you’re the cream’ you will form the nucleus
of our Youth Cross Country Team’

They ran first against Sefton,
their nerves were plain to see.
But they won the race quite easily,
teamwork was the key
The next fixture was similar when they beat Waterloo
and then they outran Wallasey and then beat Wirral too.
Next it was Liverpool Harriers, this was the acid test
But Pembroke took it in their stride
and proved they were the best

The clubs’ success continued over the next decade.
The teams won many championships, a dynasty was laid.
This covered Liverpool and District,
West Lancs, and Northern too
It included all the age groups, triumph through and through.
With about a hundred runners and a hundred races clear
it means that only a very few can be mentioned here.

The first three mentioned lads, and Barry made one more
came third in the English Championships
in nineteen fifty four.
Another MUST be mentioned before this poems abates,
he represented England, the late great Kenny Gates.
This tale is of cross-country, not Pembroke’s only aim
The Track, The Road, The Marathon all add to its fame.

( Liverpool Pembroke have now amalgamated with Sefton Harriers)

By Dave Price