Things I've Seen

When I recall the things I've seen since the Coronation of our Queen,
The street parties that we had, our house all painted by me Dad
The first ascent of Everest, the rise and fall of Georgie Best
Colour 'tellies in every house, not forgetting Mighty Mouse
A jam butty of me Nan today, up the entry with Grandad's tanner each way
The tram cars have gone as well, replaced by buses and their smell
No more horses pulling loaded carts, we miss the rhubarb for our tarts
Then a man walked on the moon, I suppose we'll all be going there soon
I've seen the Stones and Beatles too and rocked and rolled the whole night through
In the Cavern with the Mersey bands, they stamp your pass out on your hands
The Teddy Boys with the D A, I couldn't get mine to go that way
I remember the old Landing Stage, with rows and rows of ships
And walking down the old Dock Road with two pennyworth of chips
If it rained we didn't care, the Overhead was always there
My National Service worked out fine, I didn't think so at the time
I learned to march and cook and clean,but never got to see the Queen
So never mind I did my bit,and glad to say I'm proud of it
Then back to civvy street once more, the jobs were knocking at your door
You've never had it so good they said, it cost a shilling for a loaf of bread
When all of a sudden the bubble burst, everything was getting worse
"Who's to blame" me Mother says "We've gone right back to the bad old days"
No work,no money,things looking grim,everyone wishing they were him
"Get on your bike you'll soon find work" could only have been said by a jerk
Vote for us we'll put things right, we heard the Politicians say
If you get a job we'll take more tax then we'll half your pay
I've seen John Paul in a street called Hope, I never dreamt I'd see our Pope
He passed right by me, I saw Him laugh, I even took His photograph
But time goes by as the song goes and where we'll end up the Lord only knows
We all have our good times, sorrows and strife ,I've learned through the years it's known as "That's life"
So God Bless the Queen and Her Domain,
And let's all sing "Long May She Reign"
More than Fifty years upon the Throne, I know all the words to Walk Alone
We sang it loud when on the Kop, and through our tears which we could not stop
So many things is such a short time, you could say the pleasure has been all mine
Send Her Victorious let the bells ring, the way things are going there won't be a King
We all live our lives the best way we can, and before I realised this lad is a man
With family and loved ones both big and small, deep in my heart there is room for them all
A new generation all around me, dear Lord above please let it be

By Kenny Smith