The beautiful struggle..

Sun gloriously shimmered down
On faces all reunited in grief
Or knowledge this day meant
A change, a gathering of souls
In the bleak times, some maybe
Had no clue why they came,
Just to be part of community spirit
Was enough to give importance
Back to the apathy, ignorance
This town had decayed in.

One summers evening in July
When black and white stood out
Amidst the side walks of degradation
Love in first bloom caught short
Promise of sun kissed bliss
Ripped furiously, running
Into natures indifference
Amidst the apple blossom
While the moon looked on
Helplessly, silently

One fatal blow to skull
Nature cried silently
Amongst the screams
And racial hate spurting forth
From tongues conditioned
To this act, in ignorance
Betrayal of all that is pure,
While Anthony’s soul
‘and still I rise’
No consolation for
His mothers tears
Ripped from breast
Torn from womb..

We gathered outside
The memorial service
While candles were passed
Lit from each light
Neighbourhood lives
We forgotten existed
As reality TV had become
So much more important,
Yet here we stood together
Sharing quiet grief
Black and white stood out
But we rejoiced in its
Benevolent light as the flames
Of anger waned to sad reflection.

Beautiful innocent children
Gathered linked arms
Happy, excited, sad
Not fully aware of impact
This day represented
Yet knowing it meant
Loss as flowers and pictures
Laid out while police
Guarded this now sacred
Place were angels came to
Bless, and wash blood
From ground.

A strong woman stood
Before us inside rattled
With grief, yet keeping
Her heart strong to adversity
As many black woman do,
Recollecting her son’s life
Achievements, faith
Future as lawyer
Ripped, torn, broken
By white mans hate,
Thugs who had no depth,
We held her up
For that moment
Steadying her grief
In out hearts,
While her sons
Favourite music
Blared ‘I try’
The beautiful struggle
Was over for one
Yet beginning for us..

Dedicated to the memory of Anthony Walker
(21 February 1987 – 30 July 2005)

Who woke us up..

By Maria Gornell.