Barry’s Liverpool Funeral - 21st April 1989

Today, at Barry’s funeral
We felt at one with all who lost
Daughters, fathers, brothers, sons
At Hillsborough’s hour of horror –
And with those who say; ‘Where were you, God?’
We see only as far as the horizon –
A landscape filed to overflowing
With loss, and pain, and helplessness.

Last night I saw beyond the suffering world.
I lifted my eyes
And beheld the fullness of the moon
Reflecting the light of the hidden sun:
And I saw other suns, light years away – the stars:
A new horizon beyond which,
In this life, we cannot see.

Oh God, You seem to hide
Beyond the limits of our vision. But we are
Your other sons, made in your image
And redeemed by brother Jesus
Who suffered, too, a cruel young death.
Now risen, He lives on – a new and better life:
A life to which so many were invited
So suddenly on Sheffield’s saddest Saturday.

‘Bon Voyage, Barry.’

By Kevin Kirwan