Kensington Park

O How I remember Kenny Park
A sort of no mans land between tribes
Those from Jubilee Drive side
Against the lads from Gilead Street narks

Every now and again stones would fly
Insults and names calling would fill the air
Cant remember what was the cause or even why
it was us against them or so it seemed

Lunatics we all were just stupid never fair
I got some cuts and bruises
Then I Inflicted some I am sure
Honours even so we thought we did not care

Youth is youth and following the war
We knew no better than to even up the score
Now I am old, grey and wise I think
Celebrate the world has changed have a drink

But are we any better as our eys grow dim
mostlly it still the same either me or him
lets change for the better, teach the kids anew
Would we have behaved as we did if we only knew

This world is but a small globe a mere shell
have a drink, have a laugh but always be fair
tell those who would fight, instead of love
Collectivly please go to hell.

Found in re-furbished Liverpool 7 Residenence

By Sandyman