Cheers to Kev at the Yo Liverpool Forum

Kev Keegan was a footballer of great renown
but now there's another Kev you should know.
He runs a Liverpool internet forum that's grown
-- a place to celebrate this city and not to moan.

Cheers, Kev, for providing so many fine threads.
They keep us busy and not in our beds!
There's so much to learn and much still to come.
Yo Liverpool rocks -- it's filled full of fun!

On Yo, we post photos for all to admire:
of Liver Birds, river, parks, towers, and spires;
aye, so much to see, from grotty to pretty!
We just love to show off our great city!

A laugh a day does you the world of good,
-- and on Yo, laugh you most definitely would:
the banter, the legpulls, crease me up too
-- once you've joined, you'll stick like glue.

Yo is addictive and funny, serious, and provides
great assistance and info, records, and dates.
We've photographs, Flickr, slides and cine
-- although we've yet to see Kev in his Mini!

Great posters, great jokes, and challenges too,
puzzles, and games. We like it! So, mate, will you.
Although some of us go away for a bit, we return,
because, for the fun on Yo, we find that we yearn.*

* Scousers, check out the Yo Liverpool forum at

By Members of Yo Liverpool