The Magnificent

The descriptive leaflet announced
that I “this magnificent peacock,
seated on a rock …”,but anyone
who takes a closer look, will see
that I am not seated but standing,
erect, tall and haughty.

I stand tall to present myself
in a vertical plane to show me
at my best. In told M. Comolera
that this was the better pose
for majolica, although showing
my colours in a shiny finish it would
be too delicate to parade in the horizontal
trailing the ground and quite impractical
to depict me in my display. Apart from
the economics it would be more practical
to ship a copy me half way round the world;
as was the case when the Loch Ard founded
in the Bass Straight permitting a copy of me
to be on view in Warnambool!

Bu t you don’t have to go that far
To admire me, today you will find me
in Room 9 at the Walker – do call to me.

By John Clays