Where Did All The Tramps Go

Where did all the tramps go
we used to have so many
plenty would be in the town
waiting for our penny

Jacko had a real guitar
but then the strings all broke
he used a stick and air guitar
honest, its no joke

The one who wore the santa hat
from christmas to July
sang funny songs in Williamson Square
i`d laugh till i would cry

Kings memorial, St John`s gardens
was a popular place to pound
so many sitting on the bench
the drink getting passed round

I was always stunned by pigeon man
to be found at the Pier Head
a hundred pigeons swarmed round him
waiting to be fed

They never gave no trouble
as they went about the town
waving at the children
acting silly like a clown

Singing songs of old days
many held a fair old tune
clever little magic tricks
music with the spoon

Over at the Bubbles
you would see them give no fuss
just entertaining homeward folk
waiting for their bus

now i wonder where they went
and if only for a while
i would like to have them back again
to give us all a smile

By Anthony Hogan