Born in the 1960's

I was born in the 1960’s, what a wonderful childhood I had,
my parents have passed away now,
but I’ll never forget mum and dad!
We didn’t have bags of money, not that I ever knew,
I had comfort, love and clean clothes,
though expensive treats were few!

I had days out at Formby, with a delicious picnic lunch
of sandwiches and orange juice and
a Wagon Wheel to munch,
I had trips to the Grotto in TJ’s where
the REAL Father Christmas would stay
and on Christmas morning, no presents,
‘til we’d been to church to pray!

Many happy memories, and some sad ones too,
you haven’t been gone for very long but I miss the both of you.
Life is what you make of it
and you gave me a good start,
with honesty and truthfulness and love
that’s straight from the heart!

By Patricia Heaps