Don’t go to Sainsbury’s you are blocking my way.
You are making me disabled, I don’t park in your space!
You are not disabled but you use a Blue Badge!
Your car should be crushed its an invasion of my space.
You even take my seat on the bus or put prams in my place!

You park your wheelybin in my way, you have no consideration
when considering yourself, you cant read but we can!
You act like Germans on holiday,
you have beaten us to the sun lounger again, only its your car!
I have to cue up ... you need to clue up.
You drive me crazy! My stick is my crutch - not my clutch.
Please don’t park in my space or I will slap you in the face
with a wet kipper ... if I can get to the fish shop that is!
Don’t take my space outside of the chippy
or I will batter you.
You’re a road hog, you really belong in the bog!

By John Austin, Dave Plumley, John Dovier, Teresa - Lime Court