With your flags and cathedrals
hands across the water
ferry boats and needling scouse humour with its pans filled with copper
scoured by silver in the slave ships from West India and Africa
and spices and donuts and here in the Kop we chant you alive
each Saturday in our red strip and the toffees sweet as blue honey!
oldest team in the country Everton ever ton ever ton!
Liiiiiiiiiiiverpoool liveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerpool! chanting over the Mersey
where monks used to ferry and Oliver Cromwell fought the Cavaliers
in the greenfields of Bromborough on the Wirral sister peninsula
and the banks of the Mersey saw bloodshed and fighting and the Irish
came and settled and added to the glory and the mud and Guinness
and songs and tapestry of our gorgeous Liverpool home!
That sings itself alive with each twist and turn of the tide and the river
that sends its heartbeats far and wide: America China India
and they all come to you Liverpool great mother loaded city
of the Atlantic north west! Oh yes, you silver mudded ferried
lightfilled Mersey carrying in music and giving yourself in culture
your twin cathedrals guarding Hope street and the Liver birds proud
as laurel crowned bards posing on the finest architecture in Europe
and one of the seven wonders of the world! dancing in St George's hall
a hallowed place famous for infamous trials
and the young boy and his dad flying his kite on your banks
one evening in November -- yes, you've seen it all great river
holy mother of mercied rawness buried beneath your alluvial soil
the bones of sailors heroes slaves footballers dreams dreamsellers
and martyrs. echoing and swinging over the Mersey ferried
from side to side in the great swing and roar of your tides
your mouth has seen battleships and cruise liners in its time
and will see more: dockers strikers rockers rollers priests reformers
Felicia Hemans Bessie Braddock John Lennon 8 from 8 in 2008!
as beat poet Allen Ginsberg said -- Liverpool, you're the centre
of consciousness of the human universe and the river rolled
and sighed and the people cheered and I heard my husband's
old dad cry ' oh yes! as he drove his black taxi round his beloved city.

By Geraldine Green