You (my one)


And crystal tears fall into space along the river queen’s envious face,
Still she sails on. Stand fixed to afford or avert her view,
from the righteous colours surrounding you.
Her silence is alchemy dressed full in green,
she banishes sanity for what she has seen,
Still on more distant she sails.
So you move a smile embracing your lips,
and the earth changes axis and spins and it flips
and petals take shelter ignoring their duty,
how can they blossom so near to your beauty?
Stars battle in flashes in hope that you see,
to shine in your eyes is worth light-years to be,
and the ocean tide kisses the sand near your feet,
then scurries off backwards still too shy to meet.

How does a soul as yours brake free,
to give its council free to me?
How humbled am I near your shadow I walk,
as winds blow whispers so you may talk.
On Calderstones Field lays silent with stones, in circles of ancients and colourful tones.
Then suddenly rainbows sadden skies smile, her jealousy piercing you’re close for a while.
Question reality when spirits name her,
trees wilt and tremble even Eden cant share,
her absolute essence of Love fresh and light is the guide to my future my spectrum bright white.

Still soft is my heart and simple a man, with the word Love, destroy Love I can.
So hushed I remain in hope that she knows, within my veins her ghost it flows,
For every word be whispered or tame, engraves in me her glorious name
and though crystal tears must sometimes fall, my goddess, you, will catch them all.

By Gary Watson