Times They Are A'Changing

I wandered lonely as a cloud,
through the town where I was born.
A city steeped in history,
about to be reborn.
Places once familiar,
I scarcely recognised,
The Phoenix from the ashes, rising,
before my very eyes.

The Liver Birds in majesty,
above the Liver clock,
Now gaze in awe and wonder
at the thriving Albert Dock.
As they recall the old Dock Road,
along which we once strode,
With merchant ships from foreign ports,
waiting to unload.

The Chavasse Park development, a hive of industry,
Cranes rise in adulation to Captain Chavasse, the V.C.
The busy city centre, changing constantly.
Modernised, pedestrianised, bright and litter-free!

In proud Bold Street I stand and gaze,
remembering my childhood days,
When Bold Street served the town’s elite,
now busy as a market street!
And Concert Square, once dull and drear,
smart apartments now appear.
With wine-bars where the young folk meet,
at tables set out in the street.

And the old Tea Warehouse still holds the memory
Of aromatic cargoes, brought by the ships from sea.
Now a modern building, bringing up to date
New artists to the city, in the year 2008.

Yes, Liverpool is changing, yet there will ever be,
Sights to still remind us of our proud history.
Dear St Luke’s church on Leece Street still stands in dignity
A stoical memorial, to war’s iniquity.

So now it’s time to celebrate the past 800 years,
Look forward to the future as 2008 draws near.
Raise up your glass and give a toast

By Joan Phillips