Which one of those neighbours belongs to you.
The one decked in red, or the one decked in blue.
Their history both steeped in glory and pride.
Standing back to back , yet side by side.

Seperated only by a park of Victorian age.
But what holds the future, as we turn histories page.
One has their bags packed, all ready to go.
Though one moving light will continue to glow.

And what of 'the old lady' across the way ?
Once so grand, but now old and grey.
Has the time finally come to find a new home.
It's best days are long gone, it's future unknown.

And now they have plans, and a new location in store.
Which would mean these century old rivals would be neighbours no more.
And if that day ever comes, and I think that it will.
I'll miss the old place, and wish it was our neighbour still.

By Mike Bartram