The Little Mother of Liverpool

Margaret Beavan was a hero.
The story must be told;
About her work for children,
In Liverpool of old.

'Consumption' gripped the City,
And death was in the air,
But Margaret Beavan acted,
With tireless love and care.

Raised funds for building hospitals,
And roamed the streets herself,
Seeing what was needed
To improve the city's health.

She saved my uncle Billy
When ' Consumption' came to kill,
And moved him to the countryside,
Away from Brownlow Hill.

The clean, fresh air of Ulster Road
Restored him back to health,
Thanks to 'Angel Maggie'
Her forsight, strength and stealth.

As Mayor she toured the city
And many a child at school
Would not forget the smiling,
'Little mother of Liverpool.'

A thousand children gathered
Outside St George's Hall,
To watch a Punch and Judy Show,
Which Maggie planned for all.

One day the City's flower girls
Were given a civic tea,
And Margaret used the silver plates;
They felt like royalty.

Her death was unexpected,
And people lined the way,
To watch her final journey
Through the city that sad day.

Let's not forget her legacy;
How in the grip of fear,
The city found an 'Angel',
Who held the children dear.

By Kath Dodd