My first visit to Liverpool

My memories are somewhat vague
The pictures a sort of haze
What street did we visit that day
When I was taken out of Mummy’s way
Off Daddy and I go with bread and jam
Up to Prescot on the lecky tram
Then off to Liverpool on the bus
Only just the two of us
I remember the Pier head, I could see the sea
The Overhead Railway, what can this be ?
Daddy, “Is that America over there”, I said,
“No” said Daddy, that’s Birkenhead
Tall black buildings into the sky they soar
Taller than any I’ve seen before
Traffic, horses smoke every where
People bustling here and there
And different colours, can’t believe my eyes
This place is a massive size.
Then its time for home
Not now!, with mardy lip, I groan
No! we visit a black gloomy building, very high
Dad stood still at a place and made a sigh
We walked down steps under the floor
Dad knocked upon an old brown door
He said this was called a cellar.
“Come in” shouted a gruff voiced fella
“Yer just skin and bone” I heard Dad say
I stayed on the step out of the way.
We didn’t stay that long and made for home
I asked, “Who’s that man we went to see”
My Uncle Bill, he’s got T.B.
I couldn’t have been much more that four.
We didn’t see Uncle Bill, any more.

By J. Campbell