Liverpool love gone wrong..

You came in snow blizzard
9 hours on coach
Essex to Liverpool,
Tired, run ragged
Pie in teeth greeted smiles,
Bag ladies had nothing on you,
Cheeky chap cockney humour
Got you on train rolling away,
Our first tender kisses
Had you on my couch,
Settled down to some good ole scouse.

Spent our days in idle bliss
Watching movies
Supping wine
Talking loudly of plans in time,
I was poorly you took care of me,
Then the call came at half past 3
Homeward bound you must return,
Duty called and you never returned,
My turn to travel far and wide
London and Essex city vibe,
Country walks, holding hands
Yet never got to show you
New Brighton sands,
You never saw the pier head
Ferry now a distant wish in your head.

Love in Liverpool first bloom,
Now am lonesome with regrets
Nostalgic for our future plans,
Never got to take you to Beatles land
Spent more time on the phone
We missed so much
Of ole Scouse land
Summer at Sefton park
Listening to jazz/poetry
At palm house,
Never got to show you Keith’s
And drink some fine red wine
Never got to show you the Liver birds
And now there no longer singing.

Travelling south to empty hearts
Should of looked right here
On my door step
For Essex heart was cold,
Invaded northern grace,
Stole my state of mind
Tormented me with lies,
Never embraced northern spirit
Left this Liverpool girl in tears,
I need a scouser to heal my fear
Liverpool love gone wrong..

By Maria Gornell