"Liverpool : Whats It Got?"

Good vibers, slick jibers
Liver birds, funny words
ship funnels, toll tunnels
Scally heads, champion Reds
dole queues, Toffee Blues
popstar Gerry, Mersey ferry
Paul & Ringo, Mecca bingo
car-stealers, wheeler-dealers
Have-nots, Haves, toffs & Chavs
rich & poor, the Slavery tour
bleached blondes, George & John
pubs, taverns, the famous Cavern
shoulder-rubbers, nightclubbers
modern styles, easy smiles
enervation, regeneration
narcs, parks, loan sharks
knockers, mockers, old Dockers
cat & mousers, proper Scousers
Totally cool: that's Liverpool!

By Baden Prince jnr