Pool of life

Always a love vs. hate relationship
With you Liverpool my home,
‘The pool of life’ Carl Jung, once said
Sometimes its felt quite the opposite
As if the crew were jumping over board
From a vibrant town with busy docks
Travellers came in droves of flocks
My grandmother just a little gal
Over on the boat from Dublin town
9 siblings plus mum and dad,
Life was hard and money scarce
But the Irish always fought the curse
That many immigrants were forced to bare.
Liverpool built on slavery
Rich and vibrant land
Saw the miners strike
Unemployment and the 80’s
Everyman for himself,
Maggie Thatcher the milk snatcher
Put us on the dole, cutting life
From our very bones.
Only the strong survived
With strength of character
Humour was our weapon
To fight the great depression
Many a lad and girl made it out
Bright lights of London beckoned
Some of us stayed waiting for that
Day of reckoning, when Liverpool
Again would be recognised rightly
As pool of life, a town built on
Talent, heartache, strife
Our men the silver tongued charmers
Women most stylist beauties
Poets, actors, musicians
Do I even have to mention
‘the Beatles’
Yes its been a hard life
But where back to claim
Our right as centre of the world
2008 we await in excitement
To celebrate our love, our life
Liverpool make me proud..

© 2007 Maria Gornell.

By Maria Gornell