“Coming out " me mates would shout

“Coming out” me mates would shout
In by seven or you’ll get a clout,
On the mountain stands a Lady who she is I do not know
All she wants is gold and silver ..
OK, ready steady go
I call in my very best friend, my very best friend, “Mary”
No co-ordination much too scary
I’ve missed me turn , just to late
For heavens sake I’m no fairy
Jelly on a plate Jelly on a plate
Wiggle waggle wiggle waggle jelly on a plate.
Oh heck here comes Charlie
Tick your it
“I’m not I’m Barley”
“Yes you are you didn’t get me.”
Here comes Billy “know it all”
He plays footy against the wall
I’m off now, “No just wait
Give us a lick of yer lolly
And I’ll be your mate”
Lets go off play knock and run
Come on, we’ll have some fun.
One potatoe two potatoe three potatoe four
You knock on the witches door
Can hear her steps on the lobby
Hurry up she’ll get the Bobby
Come on gang run like hell
She’ll catch us and she’ll cast a spell
Kiss a girl catch a girl Charlie's idea
Oh No! here comes Sneezer
Sneezer, Sneezer the ugly geezer
Tramlines from his nose
Skids on his sleeve
All he does is sneeze and sneeze
He’s bound to end up catching me
“I’m off in now for me tea”

By J. Campbell