Billy the goldfish

took some old clothes to the rag man and he gave me a Goldfish
now I've got this lovely Goldfish
but all he eats is bread
I had not had him very long
when sudenly he's dead
We buried him in the garden
Mum And Dad where there
it was such a lovely send of
as we said a silent prayer
the clouds were dark and heavy
and the rain it drizzled down
now I'd started sniveling
as I layed him in the ground
"he's gone to a better place"
Father said to me,
"he's gone where all the fishes go
into the big blue sea"
but that's no consolation
I was only a little lad and
billy was the nicest fish
that any boy could have.
I often think of Billy
with his lovely golden hue
and hope one day to join him
swimming in the big wide blue.

By Ted Freeman.