Fishin' in the Park

J'member fishin' in the park
With yer cane an' fishin' net
Jackie’s', frog spawn, piles o' weeds
were all we seemed to get

A jam jar an' a length o' string
Jam butties an' some 'pop
made from lemon sherbet
that you got from the corner shop

Watch the water! - Watch the roads!
an' don't go climbin' trees!
Keep your coat on! - Watch for nettles!
Mind the wasps an' bees!
Your mother's warnings numbed your brain
as you ambled through the gates
Past the yachts an' rowin' boats
laughin' with your mates

One was on his pusherlong scooter
One on his steerin' cart
One had an' old cheese - cutter
that he couldn't get to start....
A penny for some locust beans or a bit o' sticky-lice
Some pear drops or a liquorice stick or a o purple lolly-ice

With a cane for a rod a nylon net
an' floats made from dolly-pegs
Boots or pumps or rolled down wellies with marks around your legs
Long blue macs' in case it rained was the order of the day
These doubled up, tied around y' necks as capes for when you'd play
The Three Musketeers or Zorro or my 'ero Alan Ladd
With yer cane for your sword , a net for a hat, you'd run around like mad

You watch out for the 'parkie' who had eyes in the back of his head
If you broke any glass or stood on his grass
You'd see his face turn red

When we got tired of fishin' like we couldn't catch a cold
We'd have a game of footie with our coats down for the goals
England versus Scotland was our fight for footie glory
With twenty up for the golden cup but thats
another story. . . . .

By Norm Whittle