My Lady Liverpool

The rain of early morning washes down each city street,
and the Lady of the River nurses aching blistered feet.
She bows her head in sorrow while she tries to
stand up straight,
as she fears each new tomorrow and the vagaries of fate.

When the sunlight fires the pavement and
illuminates her heart,
then her spirit is uplifted and she makes another start.

If you count each scar and wrinkle on her worn and
homely face,
they reveal to you her knowledge of the passing
human race.

She has grown up through the ages from a village to
a town,
now she bears the name of city proudly granted by
the Crown.
She has won and lost a fortune and has shed a
million tears,
as she felt her stature crumble while she counted off
the years.

Her courage and her humour help her hold her head
up high,
she's too proud to be defeated and too stubborn yet
to die.
Though she knows that time is fleeting and the hour
not very far,
when she slips away her anchor and sets sail
beyond the bar.

One by one her friends have left her and dispersed
to foreign parts.
Cotton,sugar,grain and commerce from her
threshold all depart.
The ships that sailed the river bringing sailors to her
long ago have ceased their visits and deserted with
the rest.

She squares away her shoulders and prepares her
final stand,
for her lifeblood was a river that has silted up with
When at last her time is over then into the air she'll
borne by beloved Liver Birds into a bright new sky.

Thomas Vaughan Jones

2 Elworthy Avenue




L26 7AA

By Thomas Vaughan Jones