Liverpool Man

The character and the ethos of our cities and large towns
Are almost always taken from the lands of their surrounds.
From smaller towns and villages and from farmland too
One can sense the influence, the sound effects, the hue.
But Liverpool is different, it is ‘One on its own’
Its hard to see the origins from which the town has grown.
It clearly has a lineage from Lancashire and Cheshire,
But just a small percentage as far as one can measure.

Our accent is unique, quite different from the rest
So is the humour, the repartee, the zest.
The attitude of bonhomie takes problems in its stride,
The indomitable spirit is recognised worldwide.
So where does all this come from? Let’s take a deeper look.
In the nineteenth century men of North Wales took
The road and rail to Liverpool in search of work and wealth
Many thousand came here for a better life and health.

And thousands came from Ireland,
sailed across the Irish Sea
To settle down amongst us, joined our community.
Then let us bear in mind Liverpool’s a great port,
And many folk from Asia and Africa were brought.
Then add to this genetic mix as you know we should
Some mainland European and some Scottish blood.
So what has now evolved with so much ếlan?
It is a unique being it is ‘Liverpool Man’.

Analogies of our mothers with outstanding cooking skills
Took the finest veg and meat, home cooking with no frills.
They add a few ingredients stored within the house
And what is the result? – Well – its scouse!
The story of our city can move one to tears
When we take a look back at the last few hundred years
What was Liverpool’s mission? To what did it aspire?
What status did our city reach?

By Dave Price