Walking In Liverpool

Passing strangers we never meet
jostling on our path through life.
Follow blindly on a crowded street
cursing at our luck and strife.
What tales these people could relate
if only we would stop and wait.

The lonely hero standing brave
brought to tears at his lover’s grave.
Or her with a heart that’s made of stone
tempted by a call on a mobile phone.
There’s him with smiling mouth of mirth
who trembled as his wife gave birth.

That young boy standing all confused
wondering why he’s been abused.
Those lines of pain that shows the fate
of an older couple who’ve begun to hate.
A sad old man, who’s lost his home
to an amber drink, topped with foam.

She with tears of deep regret
just lost her love, her mongrel pet.
That little angel of her daddy’s heart
sad he’s used her like a tart.
The grief of a mother, who’s lost her son
killed by a fool in a hit and run.

But, we have no time to stand and chat
we have to get to where it’s at!
This endless throng, this human race
no time to show our caring face.
So we’ll stumble on our way
just passing strangers every day.

By Chris Blundell