They say I am a Scouser

They say I am a Scouser
Cause I was born right here
Among ancient Celtic people
Who came from far and near

To settle in a richer place
Where work was on the docks
Ships anchor in from foreign ports
Unloading goods and rocks...

To build a large cathedral
That sits upon a hill
It took us many years to build
But she is standing still

She looks out to the Mersey
Across the Pier Head
With ferries going back and forth
And tunnels under bed

High up the Liver Birds
They perch upon their stone
Those sentinels of years gone by
Saw wars and people home

The floating docks remember
All those who sailed our shore
Some to return but others
Became the victors more

We built our grand memorials
To honour our dear brave
Who came from British soil
Then back to their graves

We lift our heads with pride
Our language is our own
For it's roots was with the Irish
And the Beatles made it known

There is a pub on every corner
Where one can sing and drink
You can play a game of darts, or
Simply sit and think

One day that big cathedral
That sits upon a hill
Looked towards Rodney Street
And saw a Wigwam fill....

The space where buses go
And Lime street noises blare
Out to all the peoples
And Lewis' we stare

So Everton and Liverpool
Became our soccer dreams
I mean, if we have two cathedrals
Why not two good teams?

So they say I am a Scouser
Cause I do come from here
I speak this funny language
And I sure do love me beer!

By Pamela Keegan-Benich 2006