New Brighton For The Day

New Brighton by the sea,
was the greatest place to be,
where the fairground
music called us all to play.
I would always be excited
when from ferry we alighted
and had come to be in
heaven for the day.

At the seaside we would paddle
ride a donkey with a saddle,
and watch Punch and Judy
sorting out who's boss.
We would giggle at their antics,
while we ate our sandy picnics,
then we'd find a stall
and buy some candy floss.

And nothing could compare
to the great New Brighton Fair
where for sixpence you could
ride your cares away.
Helter skelter we would fly,
pulling rope swings to the sky,
as the Big Wheel spun
its dizzy course all day.

Fish and chips at Duncan's cafe.
Then some sideshows for a laugh,
as the sun began to set
the ferry hailed.
So reluctantly we'd go,
and see fairground
lights aglow,
from the ferry
as to
we sailed.

By Kath Dodd