When ‘He’ Came

It had been late,
One night,
In the ‘50s,
After revelling,
Invited to remain,
In the Caven Club,
When the devil came,
Slowly stepping
From the dark

He was tall,
In black,
Hair swept back,
With a child’s face,
He surveyed us all,
A boisterous crowd,
“Who will give their soul?”
Rolled his request,
A round voice, richly charming.

“Yeah! I will,”
One chap grinned,
Smirking at this stranger-
But was this a game?

“Thank you”
The devil answered,
He snatched at him,
Snatching air,
Snatching life,
“And you see,
I have no cloven hoofs”
And politely left.

I had watched
Frozen still,
Dared utter no remark,
Had avoided all encounter.

By Mike Penney