Love blooms at Higsons.

With big green wellies on her feet,
wraparound pinny looks so neat,
how did she fix that turban, it looks a treat,
curlers beneath make her complete.

Paddy stops and looks around eyes wide he turns to stare,
there is a vision of lovelieness by the kegs over there!

As bottles line up like an army troop,
Paddy leaves his little group,
Hilda sits on her little crate,
Paddy asks her for a date,
8pm then "don't be late!"

Guinness, mild and kegs of beer,
Paddys mates all give a cheer,
this calls for a drink his mates all shout,
come on lads get the liqiud out,
Guinness, beer what shall it be?
To the canteen lads the teas on me.

Each day as I go on my way,
on the horizon do I see,
that big old chimney of Higsons
that means so much to me.
It stands for love united,
of my parents don't you see?
for under its shadow my dad asked my mum,
Will you marry me?

By Minnie