Eternal City

Two birds, erect, with great wings open wide,
straining their necks to solve the mystery.
Where are the ships, the bustle, and the throng ?
What happened to our glorious history ?

Commercially, the port still carries on,
though long gone is it’s warm and generous heart.
Dockers no longer strut upon the quay.
The stevedores and tally men depart.

Across the city centre, tall and proud,
two temples bear a witness every day;
firm in the footings of a street named “Hope. “
This city stands, though glory fades away.

These people laugh at each and every trouble.
They always have some other’s hand to hold.
Strong in the fortress of a common family,
Liverpool’s glory springs from more than gold

Though leaders fall, and nations die and crumble,
though seas dry up, and continents decay
though fires storm, and mountains start to tumble,
my Liverpool is surely here to stay.

By Thomas Vaughan Jones